Sofar Solar ME3000SP Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Here are my notes on upgrading the firmware. Thanks to Tim who posted in the comments on this page: and confirmed that with the new formware, the Depth of Discharge can now go to 90% with the Pylontech batteries.

Sofar ME3000SP Inverter

I had never previously changed the firmware which was 2.40 but have now been through the process on my inverters and documented it here to I can refer to it next time.

Step 0 – Did you freeze your CTs?

The firmware upgrade requires that you power down your inverter. You should ensure you have your CT settings frozen first – see this page for instructions (setting up CTs section).

Step 1 – Power down the inverter

Turn off the AC power to the inverter, pull the fused DC isolator if you have one or turn off your complete battery pile.

AC Isolator
DC Fused Isolator

Step 2 – Remove communications cover

Remove the waterproof cover to the communications cables (loosen the glands first).

Remove the communications cover

Step 3 – Remove the microSD card

Inside the cover is the microSD card slot, which should have a card already in it. Press the card edge until it clicks. Release and it will then drop out of its slot enough so you can grab hold of it and withdraw it. The card is formatted MSDOS FAT32 and my card has CSV files on it with daily/monthly logging.

SD card location

Step 4 – Set up a new SD Card with the new firmware

Tim suggested in the comments that upgrading to 3.00+ firmware should be performed in 2 steps – first upgrade to 3.00 and then beyond. I thought I would give it a go straight to 3.06.. which worked fine.

Firmware file structure

To do this, you need to download the firmware from here and prepare the micro SD card. Unzip the appropriate firmware so you have an ES3000firmware folder with .bin files in it.

microSD card plus adapter

The microSD card needs to be formatted as MSDOS FAT32. Sofar instructions tell you to format the existing card, but I used another card which already came formatted that way. I used an adapter to plug it into my Macbook.

I copied the ES3000firmware folder to it and then inserted it into the card slot on the inverter (still powered down).

Next power the inverter back up. DC first, then wait 5 seconds then AC. It should boot as normal and then begin operation as if nothing had happened.

Step 5 – The actual upgrade

Use the back button to get the menu up, then select 4. Software Update.

Software Update

Press enter, then put in the password 0715.

Here is the successful update sequence. Once the password has been correctly entered, you don’t need to do anything else.

Should really read ‘Update has started’
The update has finished.

You can confirm the update worked:

System Information
Software version
Software version is now 3.06

Step 6 – Did it fail?

My success rate first time round was 1 out of 3. All my failures were on DPS2:

The update continues after DSP2 fails and the inverter reboots. However, the battery communications don’t work so this is not a satisfactory state to leave the inverter in.

If this happens, return to the start of Step 5 and try again.

Step 7 – Power down / replace card / restart

At this point, the inverter had started up and was operating normally. I then powered it down again, then swapped the microSD card for the original one. If you put the firmware on the original card, you wouldn’t need to do this. The Sofar instructions do say to power it down and restart though.

Successful update – new features

Moving from 2.40 to 3.06 gave me two new features – a new battery parameter with the ability to select US3000 batteries:

Battery parameter

Plus depth of discharge now up to 90%:

Depth of Discharge
DOD 90%

14 thoughts on “Sofar Solar ME3000SP Firmware Upgrade Procedure

  1. Tim

    Thanks for this useful info.
    Software updated successfully on 2nd attempt for me, from 2.4 to 3.06.
    Any idea what difference selecting US3000 makes over the normal Pylontech?
    I have US5000, and when I selected the US3000, it came up with comms fail, so I leave it as standard Pylontech. US5000 supports 95% DOD, but 90% will do until Sofar issue another update.

    1. Jonathan Clark Post author

      I think the US3000 vs US2000 is in order for the inverter to work out the capacity of the batteries. CAN reports the number of Pylon batteries, but not the size of each.

    2. Mark Beattie

      Hi, I have recently installed a Sofar ME3000SP along with Lithium Batteries, I get ID52 error. I have updated the firmware to v3.0. I suspect the Sofar supplied CAN cable is not compatible with the CAN port on the batteries ? I can send the CAN port wiring diagram from the battery user manual ? Any thoughts/ideas ? Thanks.

      1. Jonathan Clark Post author

        What batteries? The ME3000SP is not seeing any CAN data which could be the cable (I have not seen a cable fault out of 7x installed units) or maybe you are not connected to the correct ports on either inverter or batteries.

  2. Gary Smith

    Thanks for sharing this – very useful as whilst I’m used to updating “firmware” getting things in the correct order on unknown equipment is a concern.

  3. Marco Liedtke

    ich habe eine ME3000SP mit Blei Säure Batterien, sie arbeitet meiner Meinung nicht mehr so wie am Anfang, kann man sie wieder auf Werkseinstellungen zurücksetzen, ich vermute wir haben irgendwelche Parameter verstellt?



    1. Jonathan Clark Post author

      Translation: I have a ME3000SP with lead acid batteries, in my opinion it doesn’t work like it did at the beginning, can you reset it to factory settings, I guess we have changed some parameters?

      I am not sure there is a ‘reset to defaults’ setting. I think the default settings are in the manual though.

  4. Robert

    Great post, thanks for the links to the firmware downloads. is this the same software update for my HYS3600-es?
    If not please can you provide a link to other firmware versions.

    1. Jonathan Clark Post author

      Hi, the firmware for your hybrid inverter is different. Perhaps the facebook group will lead you to them?

  5. Geoff Thornton

    Hi there guys,

    I wonder If you could offer some assistance with my ME3000 (2017).

    I had 3xPylon2000 batteries and recently bought a further 3X2000C to expand the system.

    Needless to say they did not work when I installed them.

    I spend a lot of time researching and trying different ways of installing, cabling and the usual dip switch and cat5 cable debacle before coming to firmware upgrades.

    I tried to get it onto the latest software which it instantly failed on, I then managed to get it to V.2.7 with success.

    Froze the CT’s as it was now an option and went for the latest version.

    Sadly it has bricked the inverter. DSP2 failed and that was it – blank screen and just a flicker of the charing light on start up.

    I read somewhere if you use the old SD card it will bring it back to life and I had kept that SD card separate however this is not the case for me.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance


  6. Alan C


    Thanks for this guide! I just upgraded my inverter earlier today and after a few minutes panic where my batteries stopped working and the inverter showed “communicate error” I read your note about that happening if the upgrade failed. I just re-updated and boom! Everything was working.

    One issue I had was that the micro SD card slot is a little fiddly on my device and it took a few minutes of attempting to get the SD card inserted before it latched in.


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